Where do you keep your soup?

I wanted to keep my soups fresh and stored safely when I haven’t managed to eat them all and thanks to my great neighbours I can now do that.

They advised me to use a Sistema storage system “Round”. They are made in New Zealand, as are the Sistema products and the products are available in the UK.

I can now store and keep my soups for up to three days in my round stored in the fridge, probably longer I stop eating, so this allows me to cook them in advance.

The  2.2 Litre Round from Sistema comes with a Klip top. Here is a link where they are available at £4.99 from amazon. I picked up mine up at our local TK Maxx store for a bit less but this is still a very good price. It also fits perfectly in my fridge.

The specifications are:

Capacity: 2.2L / 74.39oz / 9.3cups

Length: 167mm / 6.57in

Width: 167mm / 6.57in

Height: 152mm / 5.98in

Features: These unique compact round shapes are suitable for semi-liquid and dry food storage. The range comprises of multiple sizes to suit all your food storage needs and the 700ml, 1 Litre and 1.5 Litre have complimentary strainers.

Designed and Made in New Zealand. Phthalate & BPA Free.


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