About Me


My Name is Peter.

I don’t like a lot of things, its just my age. However I really don’t like diets, dieting or the whole dieting industry thing. I also don’t like the gyms or the exercise scene. That whole ethos of fanaticism, competition and comparison is not me.

With that in mind this page is for people who want to get more healthy, maybe lose a little weight and feel a lot better. I started eating soups when I went on holiday in Turkey “the land of soup” in my view, where┬áI literally fell in love with soup.

My wife says I am now addicted to it.

I was stressed at work and putting on weight. I was also drinking a bit too much and spending more time withdrawing from things and less time doing them.

So in answer to several problems I was experiencing I started to cook, mainly soups. I began with soups so that I could simply get more vegetables into my diet. Food alone does help, its a great base to start from, so I started to walk three or times a week, took up tai chi as well as walking football.

The Result is 135kgs to 117kgs, Blood pressure down to normal and Diabetes adverted.

We can all do this, the approach is simple and also very cheap.

Not so Big Pete Riley