The Exercise

As I don’t really like Gyms so I had to think of another way to get a bit fitter. My answer was to go walking for a minimum of 20 minutes (could be more) per day three times a week.

This I worked into my day by walking into town, 10 minutes away, and walking back instead of getting the bus. Hooray. As I lost a little weight and became fitter this became easier. The really good thing is that its very cheap, no expensive gym membership. No competitiveness, no challenges and  certainly no comparisons.

We also now have a dog, a working cocker spaniel called Reggie! He has really helped us through the pandemic with our mental health and also makes us walk at least two or three times a day. he is a proper life saver for us is Reggie.

I then felt I could start going to Tai Chi with my lovely wife and also signed up to a local walking football team.

This really works for me.