Welcome to the Soup Canon

This is my page for making very simple homemade soups.

I have started to do an “Everyday” range to make it easier to quickly make a soup for every day? Simply search through the blogs using “Everyday” In the Find Recipes: Search.

The recipes you will find here are made up on the fly, mainly from what’s in my cupboard or fridge that needs using at the time!

I really started making soups to replace some of the heavy lunchtime meals that I had got into the habit of eating, this however led me into a healthier choices for my meals in the evenings too.

In the end I am happier, fitter and healthier. My well being has improved too!

Not so Big Pete Riley 

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PS A Canon is:

  • a collection of sacred things
  • a list considered to be permanently established as being of quality.