Why Rapeseed Oil! (I hear you say)

Okay for a good quality 500ml Rapeseed oil you are looking at about £2 to £5 pounds. Compared to a similar sized Olive oil that is about £2.50 to £5 so not much difference in price, but we feel that Rapeseed oil is more expensive and I don’t know why that is?

However the health benefits in are quite high. Rapeseed oil has the lowest saturated fat content cooking oils. Olive oil has twice the saturated fat (14%) and Rapeseed oil is far richer in Vitamin E, Omega-3 and 6 other fatty acids. It has a higher smoking point than which means its not as toxic at very high temperatures. so its an all round good product.

I use it a lot as it is better for me and has a lot benefits at my at my age.

In Summary Rapeseed oil is:

  • 10 times higher in Omega 3 than Olive Oil.
  • A good source of Vitamin E.
  • Higher in monounsaturated fats.
  • Beneficial due to having no artificial preservatives and is trans-fat and GM free.
  • Suitable for a variety of diets
    • vegetarian
    • gluten-free
    • Kosher
    • Halal.
  • Safe to cook at high temperatures only burning at 230c higher than Olive Oil.

Hill farm oils healthy eating

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